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    97 Spyder GST swap

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    97 Spyder GST swap Empty 97 Spyder GST swap

    Post by SpoolMonster

    Well as you guys might have seen the post on the old forums, i have been working on swapping a automatic 2.4 Eclipse spyder to a 5 speed 2.0 turbo (GST). I dont have any of the pictures of progess on my computer yet, but ill be uploading them sometime this week. The projects coming along real good. Here is just a little time line of steps i have done so far.

    I pulled the 2.4 motor and transmission and sold it, I bought a 5 speed transmission, wiring harnest, 5 speed turbo computer, 5 speed pedals, slave/master cylinder, shifter, and shifter cable etc. I gutted the interior and and started wire tucking the engine bay. I swapped out the shifter, and the linkages. I then pulled the old wiring harnest, and swapped in the 5 speed one. Believe it or not it only took like 10 mins to swap harnests. Its easier then you think. After that i mounted my front mount intercooler and check to make sure it cleared the bumper. I then removed the old brake pedal, and mounted my 5 speed Brake and clutch pedals. Next was cutting the hole in the fire wall to mount the Clutch Master Cylnder. It is actually pretty easy to do, You have to drill it out from under the dash, because u cant get a drill from the engine side to where you need it. The holes are already prestamped into the metal, so basically all you have to do is drill out where its prestamped. After mounting it, i cleaned and prepped the engine bay for paint, and sprayed the engine bay black. because black goes with any color Smile. Right now im waiting on parts, my rebuild kit is coming in the mail, my 3inch cat back exhaust is coming, after that i need to put the motor back together, and put it all in the car and it should be ready to fire. But to keep me busy till the parts come, i have to install the lambo door kit on it, and finish painting the interior purple and black. since its my gfs car. Ill be sure to keep you guys updated, and if you have any questions feel free to let me know
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    Post on Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:43 pm by 92tsifwd

    Sounds like alot of fun! I bet its gonna be sweet. Try and get those pictures up quick! I want to see them. Also Id like to know how you are doing the lambo doors.

    Post on Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:10 am by AJracer33a

    Damn man. I also wanna see some pics. Definitely sounds like a fun little build. I like how you said "purple and black interior because its my gfs car". Kind of a minute sexist statement and i took offense to it as i looooooove purple! Hahahaha.

    Post on Sun Feb 12, 2012 4:43 pm by SpoolMonster

    Ok, as requested here are some pics of the build so far. Ill give a little explination for each pic. If you guys have any question plz feel free to ask.

    1st: Is right after we pulled the motor to sell it
    2nd: Pulled the front bumper to mount the intercooler, started tearing apart the interior
    3rd. Pulled the interior and dash to start un hooking wiring harnest
    4th. Did a wire tuck on the inside
    5th. Drilling the hole for the master cylnder and mounting the 5 speed pedals
    6th. Finishing the hole for the master cylnder
    7th. Mounted the 5 speed pedals
    8th. Mounted the intercooler, prepping engine bay for paint
    9th. Painted the engine bay
    10th. New EVO 16g turbo
    11th. Purple BOV
    12th. White face gauges, with dash pilar pod, boost gauge, and AFC gauge
    13th. Dash after it was painted
    14th. Door panels custom painted by Me and Jonathan
    15th. Purple Trunk Interior

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    Post on Sun Feb 12, 2012 5:49 pm by AJracer33a

    What are you using to paint the interior? That vinyl spray paint stuff or something different?

    Post on Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:03 pm by SpoolMonster

    I used Plum Crazy Purple Engine enamel, all i had to do to prep the panels was lightly sand them, and wipe them off. I used vinyl Die for the black carpet parts on the panel, and black paint on the plastic on the door.

    And 92tsifwd, The lambo doors are fairly easy to do, i know a guy who runs a manufacturing company of lambo doors, i get the direct bolt on kits for $350 free shipping, very easy to install, ill make a project log of it when the hinges get here, Basically remove the bumper and fenders, then the doors, then just change the hinges and remount the doors, and put it all back together, hardest part is just adjusting them perfectly to close, it took me and my lil bro Jonathan about 2 hours to do the whole swap on my gsx. If you need the info for that guy who i get the door kit off of, i can give it to you in a PM

    Post on Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:13 pm by 92tsifwd

    Yes please send me the info. How much Fab work is required? Does he have them for a 1G or are they universal.

    Post on Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:14 pm by 92tsifwd

    Its looking good. And Im not a huge fan of purple neither but, If its done right it does look sick!

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