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    What engine do I have?


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    What engine do I have?

    Post by AJracer33a on Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:55 am

    A lot of times, the DSM newbies don't know exactly what type of engine they have. So if you are unsure, this will help you out!

    Talon, Eclipse, Laser (TEL)

    1990-1994 (First Generation)
    If your DSM is a 1990-1994, you will have one of 3 engines. The 4G63, 4G63T, or the 4G37.

    4G63- The 4G63, is found in the 2.0L DOHC non turbo (NA- Naturally Aspriated) cars.

    4G63T- The 4G63T, is pretty much the same engine as the NA 4G63, but it is turboed. There are a few differences between these engines. Oil squirters and pistons to name a couple and obviously one has a turbo and the other does not.

    4G37- The 4G37, is a 1.8L, SOHC engine.

    1995-1999 (Second Generation)
    Again, there are 3 different types of engines in the 2nd generation DSM's.

    4G63T- Same as the 1G 4G63T with minor differences and is turboed too.

    420A- The 420A is the non turbo DOHC. Completely different than the 4G63. Basically, just the opposite. Everything on the engine is reversed/on the opposite side. This engine is also found in the Dodge Neons, Dodge Avengers, and Chrystler Sebring's.

    The bottom end of the 4G64 shares some parts and similarities with the 4G63. Although, the 4G64 has a SOHC head. This engine is in most of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder's.

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    ESD Moderator

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    Re: What engine do I have?

    Post by dizzzzum on Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:47 am


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