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    Lexan Spark Plug Cover


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    Lexan Spark Plug Cover Empty Lexan Spark Plug Cover

    Post by AJracer33a on Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:15 pm

    Awhile back, I made a 4G63 spark plug cover out of Lexan. Many told me it would not come out correctly and even if it did, it would not hold up to the high temperature that the valve cover produced.

    I decided to do this idea. I didn't think it would melt or warp from the temperatures. Besides, I had plenty of Lexan in the garage. Three different colors too. Smoked black, clear, and orange. I decided to use the black Lexan for my experiment.

    First, I made a template out of cardboard by tracing the original plastic OEM spark plug cover. After the template was complete, I then traced the template on a piece of my smoked black Lexan.

    I quickly out that Lexan is extremely hard to cut. It was like glass, once you started your cut, the edges near your cut would basically shatter. I then used a dremmel with a special cutting wheel.

    I was able to get a clean cut for the most part after taking my time and being very careful. Once the spark plug cover was all cut out, I used a bench grinder to make the edges smooth and straight.

    Next, I had to make the bolt holes. I made my marks based off of the template. Then, I compressed the Lexan spark plug cover between two blocks of wood (for a clean hole). Drilled my holes, and cleaned her up.

    I installed the Lexan spark plug cover on a valve cover I recently painted for a buddy. Turned out great. But, still didn't prove my theory that it would hold up to temperature.

    I installed it on my 92 Mitsubishi Eclipse. After every day of driving, I would take a look at it to see how it was holding up. After a month of using it on my Eclipse, it had held up very well.

    Here are some pics of how my Lexan spark plug cover turned out. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

    Lexan Spark Plug Cover Spc1

    Lexan Spark Plug Cover Spc2

    Lexan Spark Plug Cover Spc3

    Lexan Spark Plug Cover Ajrace11

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