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    How to remove a turbo


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    How to remove a turbo

    Post by AJracer33a on Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:07 pm

    1G 14b Turbo Removal / Install

    Tools Needed:
    - 1/4" and 3/8" drive Ratchet
    - 10mm Socket
    - 12mm Socket
    - 14mm Socket
    - 17mm Socket
    - 7/8 Socket
    - 12mm Wrench
    - 14mm Wrench
    - Vice Grips
    - Needle Nose Pliers
    - Bottle of Coolant
    - Exhaust Manifold Gasket (if you take off the exhaust manifold)

    If you own a turboed DSN, chances are you will end up removing the turbo at some point. Whether you are upgrading to a larger turbo, rebuilding your 14B, swapping in another 14B, inspecting the turbo, etc. Many reason why you may end up taking it off. Which means this write up could come in handy for you.

    Step 1: Coolant and Oil

    Before we start, you will need to drain your coolant. It is also recommended that you drain your oil as well.

    Step 2: Remove Intake Pipe System
    You need to remove the entire intake pipe system. Unplug all vacuum lines, unbolt the J- pipe, remove the upper intercooler pipe, and remove the BOV.

    Step 3: Coolant Line
    You will first need to take this coolant line off. Use your pliers to slide the clamps down the hose. Then pull the line out. You may need to do some twisting if it is hard to come off. Twist the line to break the seal. Be careful though, these hoses are prone to breaking. Trust me, I know. You should replace this hose regardless if it breaks or not.

    Step 4: O2 Sensor
    You will need to unplug your O2 sensor. This is much easier to do rather than unbolting the O2 sensor itself from the exhaust manifold. Simply unhook this plug. It should have a metal bracket that holds it to the engine block. You do not need to unbolt anything. Just pull it towards the passenger side of the vehicle and remove it from it’s bracket.

    Step 5: Bolts
    There are 2-3 bolts on the turbo that you need to take out. This is the first bolt. It is 17mm and is located on the front passenger side just below the valve cover. Be careful that you do not strip this bolt. Or any bolt for that matter.

    5a: This second bolt is bolt is 7/8” and is located on the front side of the turbo.

    5b: The remaining (2) bolts are located under the car. These are on the oil return line. Find the line from up top, and follow it under the car. The (2) bolts are 10mm. You will most likely find that using a 1/4” ratchet with some extensions will make the job easier. These bolts are generally a pain in the ass to put back it because it is hard to line up the oil return line.

    5c: Next are the (2) nuts that hold the downpipe to the O2 housing studs. Once these are out, you are one step closer.

    5d: At this point, there are only a couple things keeping the turbo attached. There are (3) bolts on the compressor outlet of the turbo and the (3) bolts/studs that go through the manifold. The bolts on the compressor outlet are 12mm. These aren’t too hard to take out but it makes it easier if you remove the lower intercooler

    5e: Almost done. Next, you need to remove the bolts and studs that come out of the turbo housing. These are all 14mm. First, take the nut off (shown in pic. Top right nut). Use vice grips to try and remove the stud. If you cannot get it out, try using two nuts and a wrench. If you still don’t prevail, you will need to remove the exhaust manifold.

    5f: If you couldn’t’ get the stud removed from the turbo, you now need to remove the exhaust manifold. Make sure you get a new exhaust manifold gasket. All of the exhaust manifold bolts are 12mm with the exception of the (2) lower end nuts as they are 14mm. Once all the nuts are off, pull the manifold until you can slide it off of the turbo. You should now be able to remove the turbo.

    Step 6: Re-installing Turbo
    Make sure you replace any gaskets that have been removed, any hoses that are split, check your oil level (as you probably lost a bit unless you drained it prior to beginning work), and fill up your coolant while checking for leaks. Installation of the turbo is reverse of removal.



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