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    I love turbos!

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    Car : 1990 Eagle Talon TSI AWD
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    1G I love turbos!

    Post by risforroy

    New to the site and to DSM's, but not to turbo love. Been into cars for a while now, and just finished up the final turbo kit for my dd (2006 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V) and getting it tuned, but more about that later.

    Just picked up a 1990 Eagle Talon TSI AWD, and have started tearing into it to get it back up to par. The car had been sitting for around 6 years, but I have faith in it. Car runs and drives (suprisingly), but needs a lot of love. I just ordered a new timing belt, t/b tensioner and idler pulley, t/b tensioner, OEM balance shaft delete kit, and other misc. gaskets for now. Still need to order quite a bit of stuff and then order more. Gotta make sure it's roadworthy so I can start turning it into my weekend warrior.

    Here's some pictures of it when I got it:

    Car on the trailer for the ride home:

    And a bay shot, not pretty, but 100% stock. Perfect!

    That's about it! I've stripped the interior so far, and looked the car over thoroughly. It needed brakes, so I got new rotors up front (old ones were ate up with rust) and turned the old ones, and got new pads front and rear, but work has came to a stop since I broke both locking pins in the brackets and can't get them drilled out. So now I'm looking for a set of rear brakes closeby. More to come soon.

    And, here's some pictures of my other car, the Sentra. Car dynoed 286whp and 262wtq on a low reading DynoDynamics dyne, which is about 320whp and 311wtq on a dynojet, not too shabby for a stock compression motor.

    Shitty camera phone engine bay shot:

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    Post on Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:05 pm by AJracer33a

    Those are some clean cars. The 1G, is very clean for a 1G. The engine bay could use a good cleaning but I am sure you will get to that.

    What are your goals for the 1G?

    Post on Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:04 pm by risforroy


    Yeah the 1g's bay needs cleaned. It looks as if someone has had the valve cover off before, but instead of putting the rubber valve cover gasket back on, they appeared to have used red RTV, so I may be in for a world of shit when I see what all has been done on the inside of the engine. This alone has caused a massive oil leak through the spark plug tubes, and oil puddles in the corner of the valve cover, no bueno!

    Plans for the 1g: keep it as stock as possible, and max out all the stock parts, then go from there. I'd like to max out the 14b with minimal bolt ons and then switch to an EPROM ecu and go from there. Probably a 16g, some 272 cams, and a 4 bolt rear end swap and then see what goes first.

    Current plans with it:

    - Timing belt maintenance (replace belt, pulleys, and tensioner)
    - Balance shaft removal (not interested in breaking a balance shaft belt; my Sentra has the b/s delete on it, and I noticed a definite increase in performance)
    - New OEM waterpump
    - New OEM oil pump
    - New valvecover gasket
    - New brakes all around (until I started having problems)
    - 3in exhaust and o2 housing with atmospheric dump
    - New fluids (oil, tranny, t-case, rear end, and coolant)
    - New exhaust manifold gasket, mani to turbo gasket, o2 housing gasket, etc

    Probably much more. I have already removed all emissions stuff (charcoal canister, removed all vacuum lines, plugged off vacuum ports), and have put new plugs and wires on it, along with a K&N filter clamped directly to the MAF housing. Like I said, the car has sat for 6 years, so I just want to get it back to DD status, so I can work the kinks out of it, and then start beating on it.

    I want to get the car into the 11's and then work from there, but right now I'm just trying to get it roadworthy.

    Post on Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:38 pm by AJracer33a

    The VC gasket issue is very common after buying a DSM. The gasket itself is over $30. Which is ridiculous and way overpriced so people tend to skip out on it. Then expect the red high temp RTV to make it not leak. I myself, use a little bit of the RTV but WITH a new gasket.

    I like your plans and how you are going about doing them- maintenance first. That's how everyone should do it.

    The 14B is a good little turbo. There is a guy that runs 11.6 seconds in the 1/4 with a 14B. I am sure a lot of guys using a 14B are under 12.5 seconds.

    The 16G, is my favorite turbo. It can get you over the 400HP mark and yet is a very streetable turbo.

    Don't forget to do all of the "free mods"!

    Keep us updated, and feel free to make a project log thread. Project log threads will qualify you into the Ride of the Month award.

    Post on Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:51 pm by cl1ckclack

    looking good man! be prepared for the disappointments that always seem to come along with owning a DSM!

    Post on Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:09 pm by 93blackeclipse

    Nice looking 1g! Maintence is alwas a good start.

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