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Project Logs 

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After a long month of not having a DSM to work on since the accident, I finally got a shell. This is a 92 Eclipse GSX. 4 bolt rear. Very clean, zero rust, all around great shell.

We drove down to Montgomery, PA to pick it up off of Wes Ross. I got it for $500 and it came with tons of parts. I havent gone through the parts yet and it was dark when we got there but a couple parts that caught my eye was a brand new Gates Racing blue timing belt and a mint condition Hyundai valve cover. Right there is $250 worth of parts.

It came with all the drivetrain as well as 2 engines....

by AJracer33a - Comments: 5 - Views: 797
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1997 GSX
Hey guys. Most of you know me from Facebook As J.T. I am a active admin on the ESD page aswell as a frequent poster about my 1997 GSX "Onyx". I bought this car in September of 2014 as a stripped roller for 1500. It was literally just a rolling shell. no wiring, interior, drivertrain, nothing. it was also a basket case missing a ton of things. It has been a long journey over the past year...first i fwd swapped from a gst, then went back to an auto awd, then parted that out and went back to a 5 speed awd....all along i hadnt driven it. Over the course of a year i had roughly 4-5 setups and just kept...

by Onyx - Comments: 1 - Views: 510
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This is Mary. My 1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD. I bought her at the beginning of 2014 and she was 100% stock. Originally, the plan was to paint it white and black like my old Panda 2g. But obviously it didn't take long for this blue to grow on me. With a color so beautiful and so rare, I couldn't paint over that. 

I named her Mary as in "Virgin Mary" since she was completely stock. I bought it off of an older gentlemen who has mentioned a few times to a few people that he would...

by AJracer33a - Comments: 0 - Views: 446
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I bought this car during the summer of 2012 looking for a sporty daily driver. To my disappointment, the stock 2.4 N/A engine was a boat anchor making 141 crank hp and 155tq (probably less than that even). I did little things like a K2Motors Hard Pipe Intake, DNA 2.25" Catback, and a stainless header and downpipe for an N/A 1G. It was a little quicker, but hardly noticeable unfortunately. I started doing some research to see what else i could do to make more power when i came across Curt's 2.4 Turbo tutorial page. I started buying supporting mods to build my way up to a turbo swap, starting with...

by pointblank9957 - Comments: 0 - Views: 1820
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Hey. Long time no write. I have some news Smile
When i bought my Colt Supertop I told to my self I will never sell it, and if I do it would be because I have found DSM in awesome condition..
Well.. the day has come..
I never thought it will, because to find DSM (talking about GSX) in any condition in Europe is freaking hard.
had to go over 1000 miles to other country (Italy) to get it.
So long story short here are the pictures:

by Gizmo - Comments: 1 - Views: 588
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So guys, I got my new DSM. 95 Talon TSi with a 97 TSi body. Her name is Faline and yes, she needs paint. But the body is great, interior is amazing, engine bay is clean, and all for $2000. I will list the long list of mods when I can but here are some pics until then.

Speedometer/odometer didn't work when I bought it. That's fixed. Bucked hard when I got it, that is pretty well fixed and she pulls hard. Fixed some boost leaks, deleted emmisions, and some other random stuff. This is going to be a very fun car and fun learning process as it is my first 2G.

Hope you guys...

by AJracer33a - Comments: 199 - Views: 10001
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Hello every one, I am Don I am new to the site and would like to post my 2g awd build here, right now my gsx is mostly stock, I bought it bone stock other than rims, tail lights, head lights and exhaust other than that she was completely unmolested, even the stock air box lol, well I have owned it for 5 months now and the first thing I did was I wanted to put my wide band and boost gauges in well, the boost gauge went fine but went to put the wide band in and accidentally nicked the front o2 wire and couldnt fix it, cut it right at the plug

by 95weclipse - Comments: 110 - Views: 9999
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Like the title says the car is a 94 tsi awd that was purchased in 2010 for 1300. I found that car sitting next to a guys garage and looked like it had been sitting there for a long time so I stopped to inquire about buying it. He said he was thinking of selling it just needed to come up with a price. I had it towed home a couple days later, after draining all the fluids are replacing with new and checking condition of the timming belt and replacing the battery. I tried to start it and it fired after a couple adjustments to timming and the biss it was running pretty good. The car already had a full...

by allwheelmitsu - Comments: 1 - Views: 548
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This is my journal for my 92 Talon TSi FWD.

Let me just start off with a brief history of the car from when I bought it to the present.

I bought the car on October 29, 2011 from a kid near Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania for $1600. Cant remember exactly where at the moment. The car had 181K miles. The kid told me he was selling it because he had gotten alot of points on his license for speeding in it and cops would follow him. Heres what he told me about the car, I dont know whats true and not becuase there was no proof so Ill just take his word for it for now untill I find...

by 92tsifwd - Comments: 91 - Views: 7500
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Well it all started back in 2008 after I graduated high school, Instead of having my mom and dad buy me a car. I took my grad money and bought a 1993 Eclipse GS 4g63nt for $600.00. The previous owner told me it juss needed a soft plug in the back of the motor. So I bought it, put a new starter and soft plug in and went to start it. But when I poured the antifreeze in it all drained out the coolant pipe in the front of the motor. so I replaced it off the spare motor I had bought for $200.00 (6-bolt nt). Well we finally got it to start, but it was knocking, and ticking like no other. So we...

by 93blackeclipse - Comments: 97 - Views: 6459
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I will be editing this 1st post through out the day and possibly week lol.
I know I'm not really active and I'm sorry I'm already on one forum and its hell posting on an iPhone and I hate doing it twice. I do browse the site offer not logged in and I like eveyones projects. Well now that I'm not being slack this morning I'm just going to give a short background and a pic of the DSM.

In the beginning of March of this year my father passed away and he never got to see the DSM I had been talking about getting. The day before I was gonna get it he died and so I'm dedicating this project...

by cgantt97gst - Comments: 6 - Views: 711
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The details on project 2. I picked this one up Super bowl weekend February '12. My dad and I had a goal to be back home for the game started. We left friday after work and arrived back home early Sunday morning. We went 1900 miles in 31 hours. That included food and gas stops plus bsing with the guys i got the car from. Since then I have been going through the car fixing the screw ups from previous owners and upgrading along the way. At this point all maintenance is current and up to date so the mods have started. The pics are all from the day I got back from my road trip to get the car. Its...

by A.D.D. - Comments: 5 - Views: 1076
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Hey all. ill start from the beginning, when i purchased this car.

9/17/12 - I picked up my new dsm last week. I paid 900 bucks for it not running,
with a brand new rebuilt 7 bolt engine.body is decent and interior is
near perfect. 99k on the body. The first night it was home i pulled the
motor and trans to make sure the pilot bushing for the trans was there. I
put the motor and trans back in the next day, and started fabbing up
the front mount. Believe it or not the front mount has been the biggest
pain in this whole ordeal. I used the bumper support...

by onefast2gdsm - Comments: 12 - Views: 1666
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Will upload pics when I can figure it out

by spyder king1 - Comments: 8 - Views: 512
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Looking.to push at least 300 with all motor just bought a dohc head 63 for my 64 block. Need to know everything I nwould need for.the.head only please help.

by spyder king1 - Comments: 3 - Views: 531
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Details on my the first of my projects. This project was started to prove to locals built motor dsmers that it didn't require a built motor to go fast. The goals are 500+ awhp and a 10 second slip on the stock short block. Once I do that my built motor will go in the car. (it is on the engine stand waiting)

Modifications List:

1994 Mitsubishi 7-bolt (137k)
EVO III oil filter housing
External oil cooler with -8an stainless lines
ARP head studs
ARP Rod bolts
Cometic head gasket
OEM timing belt
OEM timing components

by A.D.D. - Comments: 6 - Views: 789
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My name is Cody,I've had my DSM for about 3 years now and soon I should have it where i want it. I got it in 2010 with 91k miles on it, she sits around 104k now.
Mods are Injen intake, 14b turbo, complete hard intercooler piping, frontmount intercooler, tial bov, RC 550cc injectors, Fuel pressure regulator, has head work 3 angle valve job and Evo 8 valve springs and retainers. FP mani Evo 3 O2 housing and full 3in exhaust. I have recently done the head gasket timing belt and all pulleys. Water pump, thermostat, valve stem seals, and new lifters. To control the fuel I have a SAFC 2 and to...

by cgantt97gst - Comments: 21 - Views: 1108
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Mods- Forced Performance Turbo Manifold, Forced Performance HTA-68 Ported With Steel Braided Lines, Injen Intake System, Megan Racing O2 Housing, Custom 3 Inch Turbo Back Exhaust, Fuel Injector Clinic 750cc Injectors, Aeromotive Stealth 340 LPH Fuel Pump, CX Racing Front Mount Intercooler, Greddy Type S Blow Off Valve, Turbosmart Boost Controller, Fuel Lab 515 Fuel Regulator With Steel Braided Lines, Gates Racing Timing and Balance Shaft Belts, Samco Sport Radiator Hoses, Moshimoto X-Line Radiator, Moshimoto 12 Inch Fans and Shroud, Moshimoto Thermostat, Moshimoto Oil Catch Can, Prothane Motor...

by Flapjakk - Comments: 4 - Views: 3837
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Few years back i come across a Colt GTi, Dubai edition, here in Croatia.
Only three of them were imported back in 90es, so you can image that these kind of cars are really rare here.
The engine was 4G61, 1.6 N/A with 125hp. Here are the pic of the car when it arrived.

Project Logs _MG_1183

Project Logs _MG_1201

Project Logs _MG_1202

by Gizmo - Comments: 32 - Views: 6915
No new postsEvolution

my 2006 evo MR
bought it stock in mid 2009
its been tuned a couple times by CBRD over the years and currently makes 350AWHP and 320AWTQ on the mustang dyno heartbreaker lol. Roughly 400-410 dynojet awhp. stock turbo, pretty much maxed out right now. only bolt on missing is an exhaust manifold. in a couple years ill throw some bigger injectors in there and a different turbo; BBK or something a little bigger.

intake, 3 inch greddy turbo back, ets 3.5 inch intercooler, full muse piping, grimmspeed 3port, cbrd tune, cosworth m2 cams, gsc beehives, invidia o2, ACT sprung street...

by Ev0Stev0 - Comments: 8 - Views: 1186
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1998 Eclipse GSX
My base is pretty solid with the car being a GSX. Weight will be my biggest issue since showy mods normally add weight rather than take away. My parts list that I am currently decided on follows, subject to change as the build goes on.

Burnt copper paint
Kaminari wide body kit
Carbon Fiber Aristo wing
Carbon fiber canards
Custom front and rear diffuser
VIS G Speed CF hood
CF roof overlay
CF Hatch
Rear wiper delete
Antenna delete
Custom ram air duct in right fender
Konig Swurve 17" wheels
Green LED underbody and...

by rocketrapson - Comments: 14 - Views: 790
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91 GSX

I am starting my second 1g build. this is the first time i have done the EVO block parts swap, trying for Mitsu parts as possible. So here you and any help along the way is appreciated, been over ten years since i last did my DSM.

by DSMGuy - Comments: 29 - Views: 1483
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96 RS 420a
When I bought this car...I really wasn't thinking project. I was thinking coil, cam sensor maybe some plugs and paint. Ahhhh DSM true and true. So therefore unknowing to me...I have a project. I decided after the 40 hrs plus I have put into just trying to figure out this "no spark demon" that I might as well be thorough and make the car exactly how I want it. So to begin this project..I need to get it to run. As I said before or as you may have seen by my posts on 54387872134 different forums. I have a no spark issue. Not a... but "The" curse of the no spark issue. My obvious...

by deadazzdsm - Comments: 20 - Views: 1497
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As most of you know, I own a 95 eclipse gs as a dd. I traded my grand cherokee for it after test driving it. Body was real clean, speedometer didnt work and had warped rotors, and it would stall and not start back up until the car was cooled down.

Well, first night i drove it home it took me 5 hours to get 30 miles. The next day i put a new crank sensor in and it cured the stalling problem. Threw new rotors and pads on in the front, fixed the brake problem. I tried fixing the speedometer to no avail.

Then the unthinkable happened. One day after work I was driving home, and...

by Guest - Comments: 14 - Views: 646
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First of all... I REALLY like that title. Self serving? Yeah probably but whacha gonna do? OK... here we go...

Cars name: Avril
Goal: Autocross
Platform: 2g n/t 420a

Lets start from the beginning...
I was in the market for a autocross car when I saw an add on Craigs for a 96 RS that didn't run. I saw it and decided to roll the dice after all the body looked decent and the freaking expensive 2g doors are in perfect condition. I got it for cheap... and I mean cheap so i tow it home and take a look...

by Shake_Zulla - Comments: 7 - Views: 586
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Well as you guys might have seen the post on the old forums, i have been working on swapping a automatic 2.4 Eclipse spyder to a 5 speed 2.0 turbo (GST). I dont have any of the pictures of progess on my computer yet, but ill be uploading them sometime this week. The projects coming along real good. Here is just a little time line of steps i have done so far.

I pulled the 2.4 motor and transmission and sold it, I bought a 5 speed transmission, wiring harnest, 5 speed turbo computer, 5 speed pedals, slave/master cylinder, shifter, and shifter cable etc. I gutted the interior and and started...

by SpoolMonster - Comments: 7 - Views: 1436
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93 Talon TSi AWD
This is my project log on my 93 Eagle Talon Tsi Awd. Here is a little background on me and my Talon.

DATE- 12-1-10

Specs- 93 Eagle Talon TSi AWD | Automatic Trans | 4G63T | 7 Bolt Engine | 4 Bolt Rear

Mods- 3" exhaust | K&N Air Filter | NGK Plugs | NGK Wires

Background- My Talon's name is "Felicity" named by the previous owner (who happens to be a cute female ). Her and I keep in touch. First we were just texting each other about the Talon. Shortly after, it turned into something else. Now we are planning to date. Anyway,...

by AJracer33a - Comments: 41 - Views: 2753
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