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Hey guys, I finally got around to registering on here. Most of you know me from Facebook as JT Sidders. I have the 97 GSX dubbed Onyx. I have a thread in the Projects section which I will frequently update. I am working on uploading all my photo's to photobucket so I can start posting them here.

by Onyx - Comments: 2 - Views: 416
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Hello all,
I'm chris Morrison (from Alabama), I've been on eat sleep DSM on Facebook for a little while. I've owned my 91 eagle talon tsi awd 5speed for 7 months now.*most of which it wasn't running. I've found my way around this car like any other, and have learned more on it in the little time I've had it then any other I've owned. I've had interest in the dsm's for years, but haven't found the one I wanted until now.
Currently the car is untuned, modifications are as followed: 20g turbo,610cc injectors, KGB struts and lowering springs, gst wheels, tinted boost gauge, strut bar,...

by panda-monium - Comments: 1 - Views: 640
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Whats up? my name is Brad im new to the dsm community, I own a 1990 AWD Eagle Talon tsi....Ive had her for about almost a year and she does not exactly start yet due to needing a new ECU and have to figure out where the vac lines route to :/...but hopefully sometimes this year ill get her started up!

by BlackSpades45 - Comments: 1 - Views: 602
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new member
hello everyone my names Nate, i'm from Ohio. I own a 1998 gst spyder as a project car and a 1995 gst as a daily. I am 20 years old and i have owned 4 eclipses already lol. I got my first when i was 17 and it was a 1996 gst that my brother build. i started out with a Honda with a gsr swap but it wasn't enough power for me lol, so i got out of the Honda game quick. All of the eclipses i have owned have been gst's  Sad  but hey they can do a hell of a burn out haha

by nstockdale - Comments: 1 - Views: 299
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97 Eclipse GST with an AWD swap, 1 owner (me Very Happy ) bought new Aug of 96.

Too many upgrades to list but a few highlights

Hahn Racecraft Super 16g Turbo
Arias Pistons
Eagle rods 
HKS Cams
Ported and polished head with 1mm over sized valves
1g TB w/ halfshaft
Greddy Intercooler
Brembo Brakes
Neuspeed Springs w/ Tokico struts
Carbon Fiber...

by marks-2gdsm - Comments: 1 - Views: 265
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Hello, my name is Chris, and I am on the FB page and have been in the dsm scene for about 4 years now, started with a bone stock Tropical lime 2g Talon AWD and have added quite a few fun go-fast parts. This winter I switched from a 50 trim to an HX35, so it should be a fun summer!

by UT95AWD - Comments: 0 - Views: 787
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Hey guys! You've probably seen me on the facebook page before, i have a 98 Eclipse Spyder GS that I turbo'd myself. Stock block 4g64 with ARP head and main studs. I run 19psi daily, made 312hp and 312tq on this tune. Current rebuilding the automatic tranny (fried the clutches). The tranny is an F4A23 with 173k miles. Hell of a fun car!

by pointblank9957 - Comments: 1 - Views: 600
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Hey! So, I'm here here as most of us are  Laughing. I'm Alex from northeastern Nebraska. I'm currently working on a 96' Talon TSi AWD. I haven't even had the chance to drive it yet. As soon as I got it, I tore it down and now rebuilding it from the ground up. Planning on doing a 6-bolt swap on it and will be doing a major wire tuck/rewire when time comes to start to put it back together. 

This is pretty close to where it's currently at:

by aweebz - Comments: 5 - Views: 573
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Just got my first dsm a few months ago. 91 tsi awd 5 speed with a little over 230000 miles on it. When i got it it had a bad water pump and warped head. I got the head planed then just decided to put another engine in, because the cylinder walls were a little beat up. But after an engine swap from a 90 gsx and an eprom ecu with a custom tune from the previous owner ive got the car back on the road. Planning on rebuilding the old engine and using Moates Ostrich 2.0 along with tuner pro to tune.

by 91tsiawd - Comments: 1 - Views: 491
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Hey guys I'm Jesse aka Kamonso
New to the forum here but have been on the fb for a few months now
currently dsmless but working on getting back in Very Happy

by Kamonso - Comments: 1 - Views: 410
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Hey guys what up.I'm from Massachusetts, I'm new to the forum I have a 93gsx with a 6/4 combo. Mods include hks 264 cams. Bored .20 over, bs removed , fmic mhi small 16g, 650 inj, and dsmlink v3., 2g maf, rfl bov. Forge boost controller. Looking to learn as much as I can, still kind of new to tuning this car. Here's a few pics

by 93GSX - Comments: 1 - Views: 349
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Like the title says I live in central il and I own a 94 tsi awd a 92 gsx and a 04 lancer. I have been into dsm's for about ten years now.

94 tsi awd
In process of building a motor over the winter aswell as doing a wire tuck and paint. Purpose of this car is to makke it fast enough to get kicked from the track for not having a cage and going to fast and then through everything in the gsx with a cage and as light as I can get it to see what my knowledge can really do with these cars. All work performed in the up and comming build thread will be done 100% by me with the exception...

by allwheelmitsu - Comments: 0 - Views: 350
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My name is obvious and I own a 1997 Gst. I've owned it since 2001, added a 100,000 miles to it, and it's had all kinds of different mods to it over the years. Best Et is 12.22 and best mph is 131. I'll post some pics here in the next few days.

by timt - Comments: 10 - Views: 1064
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Hey all, I've been an active in the DSM scene for  4 or so years and a frequent member on DSM.org Canada chapter. I'm just trying to branch out and get talking on as many forums as I can.

I'm glad to be a part, heres my project..

Whats done to her? I would be here all day typing, everything in every corner has been touched or modded in some way.

Here is the link to my build thread

Project 'Vita Nova'

by slick122 - Comments: 0 - Views: 463
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hey my name is sean, im 27 and located in Wilkes Barre pa or Nepa area. I've been into dsm for many years. Fixing, parting out, modification etc. I've got 2 dsm now a 90 fwd turbo laser with safc, wideband, mbc, 560cc injectors, uicp, tial bov, k&n filter, 16g turbo

the other is a 95 eclipse gsx fmic, 3in exhaust, mbc, tons of porting, 6 bolt swap 7 bolt head evo 3 intake, turbo x's bov, 14b, no emissions, BS delete

I've also got a 95 mustang gt convertible and a 92 Mazda miata.

im into bikes cars off roading, I was a dj radio personality, and recording engineer....

by darksidegsx - Comments: 5 - Views: 634
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Ninja Here
I ninja'd my way in here. I guess I will announce myself. Some people may already know me. ADD=Alex, Yucki=Nick. Just thought I would stop by. Ninja out!

by Oobie - Comments: 3 - Views: 455
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just sayin hi
Hello there boys and girls. HAHAHAHA just introducing my self. my name is josh. im currently on my first dsm. its a 96 gst.

so far having alot of fun building this car. and learning alot on the way. i got the car for a huge steal. the turbo was blown. (oil all over and crazy shaft play, like worst iv seen) kid didnt know anything about cars and thought it was an engine changing operation.

luckily a buddy of mine had an extra factory turbo laying around as he is currently running a 16g. bolted that sucker on and guess what? all good. only ended up paying 600 bucks. runs...

by gst_tuner - Comments: 4 - Views: 525
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Hey guys um currently building ny ?6 spyder gs. Currently bought a head of the owner if thus cite. A 2.0 dohc and working in building the head first. Trying to get push 600 WHP to beat them Hondas here.in Iowa. Any pointers or good recommendation as of parts or have sonthing I could use give ne a shutout 5157831123

by spyder king1 - Comments: 8 - Views: 411
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Hey whats up guys? My name is Aaron and I'm from Wichita Falls Tx. I own a 92 Talon Tsi with a Mahle/Manley combo engine and a 5858 PTE DBB turbo. My love/hate for DSMs goes back about 12 years now. My career is in the auto parts industy, my FT job is at a large dealership but I also work for Nitrous Express. So if you guys need anything I can see what I can do on prices for fellow DSMers! Very Happy

by burkgonzo - Comments: 11 - Views: 530
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My name is Sergio, I'm from Spain specifically galicia

I have a 2g eclipse gst gs which I will

I'm here to say that through translator of English as zilch

although I have some doubts pekeñas

some pictures of the car

by s.janeiro - Comments: 16 - Views: 705
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Hey iam new to this site, But not new to dsm's. I have owned a 1995 Eclipse GS, 1992 Eagle Talon ESI. I now own a 1993 Eclipse GS. I bought the car back in 2008 after i graduated. I have been working on it off and on ever since. More off than on, Because I ended up moving and couldnt bring it with. But I moved back last year and started tearing into it.
Heres a picture of what it looked like when I got it.

by 93blackeclipse - Comments: 31 - Views: 1240
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Whats up esd community. Names robert use to have a 95 gst currently dnt have it anymore or any ride for that matter. Deff. plan to get another one though hell fun. M.P.H. is the name of the company that my cousin and i started back in 2011. No it doesnt stand for miles per hour. It actually stands for My Phucking Hobby. Will be posting more when i get another dsm hopefully soon. P.s. Go like my company on Facebook. Facebook.com/My.P.Hobby peace.

by rlyons_mph - Comments: 2 - Views: 416
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need bolt sizes
I need some bolt sizes tans mount on passenger side, firewall mount sizes starter bolts size and trans bolt sizes...since some grew legs and walked away and let idiots work on my car ...also for a 3inch catback with stock turbo and intocooler fuel pump should it be the standard or the high flow...thanks Smile

by Brian95gst - Comments: 4 - Views: 415
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car starting issues 16valve 2200 DOHC turbo
ok i had a new fuel pump put in,2weeks later wont start on first crank takes like 3 if i give it some gas it bogs and shuts down,after 5 mins its fine also for some reason the car wont start like the starter is inbetween teeth but its kinda a constant thing,and as for a stock dsm with just a 3inch cat back ,should the fuel pump be standard or high flow,,as of now it doesent start,......also my hot wire from the battery it splits off into 4 smaller wires 2go to the choke fuse other 2 i guess starter i need a whole replacement of the whole hot wire and i cant find it anywhere,everybody has the 1...

by Brian95gst - Comments: 3 - Views: 382
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Hey guys whats up my name is justin im from northern michigan. Ive been into dsms for a while now. Ive owned two tsi awd's. My newest one is my 93. Im currently a tech on the site. If you have any q's. Just feel free to pm me and ill help ya out.

by dizzzzum - Comments: 3 - Views: 391
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Whats up everyone! Another FNG here.

I'm not to good at intros but I'll give it a shot. Some people here might know me. For those of you that don't I'm A.D.D. I've been tinkering with these things for longer than most and I'm still enjoying it. I look forward to helping and giving input where I can.

I currently have two 2g awd's. They are Twins in most ways. Both are red 95 TSi AWD's. One is my track car named TRK SLT and the other is currently rocking dd status with the name STRT WHR. Buying the second car was probably one of the dumber decisions I have made in a while...

by A.D.D. - Comments: 5 - Views: 509
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hey all.. have a 1990 eclipse.. currently not running. going to make it my project car

by dan320 - Comments: 7 - Views: 539
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Hi guys, my names Eric. I've had a few DSM's.

My latest is a 92 Laser.
6 Bolt
4 Bolt LSD
Electric Blue.
This is how its sitting right now. Getting ready to do a timing belt/Water pump/Oil pump and a head rebuild. (Didn't jump time, just looking to freshen it up and do some cams.)

by 92Laser - Comments: 6 - Views: 548
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Hello everyone new guy to the site but not to DSM's I have owned 3 GST's and a OZ GS in the past. Now I am an Evo owner. I will just post pics of my past DSM's and my current Evo. All pics are taken by me unless I mention other wise.

This was my first Eclipse OZ edition

I traded it for this GST that was wrekced and sitting on steelies. I had a lot of time and money in this one.

by EvoateMR - Comments: 10 - Views: 546
No new postsNon Turbo

new to the forum, not to DSMs
ok, I am Michael, 22 and own a currently dead 97 Eagle Talon ESi

bought the car 2 years ago from a friend for $500 and have slowly started doing things to it here and there.

by The Demon - Comments: 21 - Views: 1290
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Well like i said new to dsm. Always have owned 240sx. Looking for a differant crowd since drifting has became such a noob domain! Anyhow i bought a 1991 gsx. Its a fun fast little ride.

by subiwho - Comments: 7 - Views: 676
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whats up everyone my name is adrew i have a 99 spyder gs that is my DD nothing to big to brag about that is done to it. its mainly stock except for a 2.5"cat back greddy system and a cf hood also did the auto to manual swap and i love my dsm 100x more lol

by 99spydergs - Comments: 2 - Views: 599
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Hi everyone... My name is Chase Griffin. I own Motorsports Engineering. I got an invite to join this site and here I am.. I look forward to helping the DSM/EVO community any way I can

by beautifulpunk - Comments: 1 - Views: 454
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I recently came over from DSMtuners, got my first dsm a little over a month ago, I get to call a 98 Eclipse GSX my DD. It's all stock right now and will stay that way until I move back to MD so I can pass the inspection then all hell will break loose on that car. I'm aiming for 700+ horsepower and a show winner.

by rocketrapson - Comments: 9 - Views: 676
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New to the site and to DSM's, but not to turbo love. Been into cars for a while now, and just finished up the final turbo kit for my dd (2006 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V) and getting it tuned, but more about that later.

Just picked up a 1990 Eagle Talon TSI AWD, and have started tearing into it to get it back up to par. The car had been sitting for around 6 years, but I have faith in it. Car runs and drives (suprisingly), but needs a lot of love. I just ordered a new timing belt, t/b tensioner and idler pulley, t/b tensioner, OEM balance shaft delete kit, and other misc. gaskets for now....

by risforroy - Comments: 5 - Views: 561
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whats up guys? I'm fairly new to DSMs, and cars in general... take it easy on me affraid but I've got a 96 GSX, thats currently putting down around 400 hp to the wheels. and am in the process of picking up a 97 TSI, to use as a daily, so i can start getting some serious power from the GSX Very Happy

by cl1ckclack - Comments: 18 - Views: 922
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hey again from etters
hi again im Jeremiah from etters

by JuggaloJer - Comments: 9 - Views: 457
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I am new to the forums here and just wanted to say hi. I hope you guys can teach me a few things and perhaps I will be able to teach everyone here some things.

by kiri - Comments: 3 - Views: 520
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Hey everyone. Names Steve, i live in Middletown, PA right outside of harrisburg. my main car is a 2006 Evo MR with bolt ons. at the current moment its getting a little overhaul. dynoed 320awhp/320awtq on chads mustang dyno at CBRD with just an intake exhaust walbro 255 lower IC pipe and grimmspeed 3 port. max boost 25psi. should have the car back in a few weeks after all the new crap gets done and i get my drivetrain back from Shep (built 5 speed, transfer case, and rear diff). couple more bolt ons being done (intercooler, cams, valvesprings, etc) getting a retune then.

at 320hp best...

by Ev0Stev0 - Comments: 23 - Views: 877
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Hi everyone.

My name is Bruno and I'm from Zagreb in Croatia, Europe, 25 years old.
fourgsixthree33 gave me the link so here I am Smile

I'm actually CSM'r but sharing the same engine like you guys Smile
I own 90' Mitsubishi Colt GTi with supertop (Dubai edition) with swapped 4G63T. Atm I'm gathering parts for build up and I have a friend in US who is being a life saver. He ships me all the stuff that I need,...

by Gizmo - Comments: 4 - Views: 495
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I everyone im mike im 28 ive owned and wrenched on turbo talon since I was 15. Right now I have a 9/ talon tsi awd aka project red sled. I live in carlisle pa . You can see the car driving on the streets of harrisburg mechanicsburg carlisle or in newport at 1fast2gs garage adding some more. go fast parts

by Turbo4Awd - Comments: 5 - Views: 574
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member intro
hey everybody.

new to dsm, working on a 97 eclipse GST.
I want to get mayb 350 - 400 hp out of it. It's going to be a daily driver, so i may end up with less hp.
I don't have any pics, but the project is just getting started and i will upload some when the build starts to really pick up steam.
Anyone selling cheap parts please hit me up lol I am buying.

oh yeah, my names Shaun.

Props to fourgsixthree33a for sending me the link.

by that1guy614 - Comments: 7 - Views: 712
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Hey, I am a former owner of a 95 Eclipse GS and I think I'll be able to benefit and learn a lot from the forum. Like I said above I live in Toledo, Ohio which sucks and the people here are pain in me tailpipe. ( sorry for the corny joke lol .) Now my Eclipse had 18" Motegi MR7's with a cheap Ractive fart can , a strut bar with a name I can not think of and a spectre CAI. That's about it because while I had it, I wasn't employed so it was hard to make progress. I will soon be buying another Eclipse and can't wait for that day to come.

by 420a95beast - Comments: 9 - Views: 560
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Well my name is Curtis, im 21 and i live in Tecumseh, Michigan. i was on the old site alot but i havent been for a while cuz i had to deal with alot of personal stuff but im back and i picked up a 3rd job to really get my 94 eclipse gs going again it will have a gst motor back in it soon with a ported 16g...i cant wait. Oh and its name is the green monster. well if you want to more about me hit me up..ill be on here when i can and hopefully ill meet more dsm friends Smile

by greendsmmonster - Comments: 13 - Views: 618
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sup guys ? im jason from scranton pa ,and i just got into dsm recently after purchasing a chopped up and super ugly 2g gs 420a ( i saw something in it) have always admired the 2g ,had a 1g tsi back in the day (didnt bknow anything about it and junked it not long after buying it ) but here i am now spending a butt load of money on my 2g to get it road worthy and hopes to do some more mods in the future ! when i first bought the car 2 months ago i knew the throwout bearing was bad and would need to be replaced soon so the first week i had it i threw a new clutch in since then it has been a love...

by kingjafu - Comments: 12 - Views: 606
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Well ive been into DSMs since i was about 18, my first one was a 91 laser, and i loved it, i did so much weight reduction on it, it really wasnt safe to drive lol. I enjoy DSMs, because they are so easy to work on, and you can do so much to them. Im 21 about to turn 22, im a certified welder and body fab. My kid brother Jonathan always helps me on my projects, he doesnt own a DSM but he has a nice 88 Camaro Z-28 thats pretty quick. And My GF Kristen just got into DSMs when she bought her spyder, and we are now working on it as a project 5 speed turbo swap, she works and is a full time college student,...

by SpoolMonster - Comments: 3 - Views: 476
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Names chris I was a admin on the old site but me and Aj got into a huge fight, and have somewhat came to terms. I am pretty much a walking and talking encyclopedia on 2g 4g63 vehicles. I own a 97 eclipse gs-t (the black beast, or how Aj calls it ls1 eater) and a 95 gs as my DD. I live in Newport, Pa.

I am trying to start somewhat of a business working on mitsus and pretty much any forced induction vehicle. So anyone in central pa that needs help or doesn't want to do the work themselves let me know my labor rate is cheap I promise.

by Guest - Comments: 2 - Views: 475
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Hello all. Out of all the people here, the Admins should have an introduction thread so you all know me if you don't already. And since Shake Zulla did his, I had to copy.

The name is AJ. I am 21 years old, born in June of 1990. Since I was 16 years old, I have owned 5 DSM's (94 Talon, 91 Talon, 92 Eclipse, 90 Eclipse, and a 93 Talon TSI AWD.). I am working on my 6th DSM and should have it this coming Sunday. It is a 93 Laser RS-T.

When I had my first DSM, I had no idea what "DSM" stood for. Now I am building engines. I came a long way but clearly remember being...

by AJracer33a - Comments: 6 - Views: 586
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Hey wasap, I thought I would do one of these intro things even though you all know me. Names Jared and I live in Boise Idaho and I like the 420a's. Why you ask? Well I know a ton about them... some would say a shit ton even. I don't know "everything" about them, however, when I decided to get into autocross I wanted to stick with a car that I would know how to modify it without having to go back to the drawing board. I know what I want to do, how to do it (hell I have probably already done it) and how much it's going to cost. No surprises here. I like the MAP, I like MS, I like...

by Shake_Zulla - Comments: 12 - Views: 585
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Hey Ya'll sup it's Ryan Aka Woody i own and DD a 2003 Lancer Evolution VIII. I used to own a 99 Eclipse but it got totaled after being lent to my uncle. The Evo is currently pushing about 290awhp and 21psi on the turbo. It's mostly stock besides a K&N air filter, Go Fast Bits bov, 3" turboback exhaust, Megan Racing Coilovers (brand new arent installed yet) Stage 1 clutch, and i believe its been chipped.
Here's a few pics of her.

by EvoDude90 - Comments: 11 - Views: 597
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